I’ve Moved!

MovingBoxIf you stand in one place long enough, you’ll begin to notice everything around you is changing. I’m not standing in one place, but things have changed just the same.

For some time now I’ve had a website at http://www.patriciasmithwood.com. It was in addition to my WordPress blog here. Through a series of changes that happened at Apple, I had to find a new home for my website, and that led me to BlueHost. They’ve been extremely helpful and made my transition easy.

My lovely and talented daughter, Paula High-Young, who has outpaced me in her computer tech knowledge, introduced me to the idea that I could have my website and my WordPress blog combined into a new, more flexible, theme-rich site by creating the website on WordPress through BlueHost.

If all that is far too much information, fear not. You don’t really need to know the nitty-gritty. All you must do is navigate to the new site and change your subscription. Go to http://www.patriciasmithwood.com and click on the subscribe button. It’s still a lovely, easy-to-navigate website but it’s on WordPress, and the internet address is just shorter.